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Tuesday 19 February 2019

The scope of NoraY. Deryck, Brussels, Belgium

Le "Hors Quartier" ErasmeM. Baurain, Brussels, Belgium

13:30-15:00Guidelines & Staffing

"Nonanesthesia providers": What's in a nameY. Deryck, Brussels, Belgium

ESGE guidelines for non-anesthesiologist administration of sedation and propofolJ.M. Dumonceau, Buenos Aires, Argentina

ESA and EBA Guidelines for procedural sedation and analgesia in adultsJ. Hinkelbein, Cologne, Germany

Practices in EuropeJ. Knape, Utrecht, The Netherlands

15:00Coffee Break
15:30-16:30Safety & Complications

Nora SafetyM. Weiss, Philadelphia, USA

Complication of interventions and anesthesia outside the operating roomR. Urman, Boston, USA

16:30-18:00The Future of NORA... Perhaps the Future of Anesthesia

The future of NORAS. Boggs, Memphis, USA

Anesthetic drug design and biased opioid signaling: will it change anesthetic practiceV. Spahn, Berlin, Germany

NORA architectural ideas in the future proof hospitalJ. Cogge, Ghent, Belgium

18:00-20:00Meet and Greet walking dinner / Brussels street food and selected Belgian Beers

Wednesday 20 February 2019
08:00-9:30Monitoring & IT

Monitoring - CapnographyD. Whitaker, Manchester, UK

Advanced respiratory monitoringJ. Mandel, Philadelphia, USA

Anesthesia information management systems for NORA locationsR. Urman, Boston, USA

09:30Coffee Break

Advances in endoscopic urology part IT. Roumeguere, Brussels, Belgium

Advances in endoscopic urology part IIF. Legrand, Brussels, Belgium

13:00-15:00GastrointestinaI I: Basics & Common Procedures

Advances on gastrointestinal motility important in the context of endoscopic proceduresJ. Tack, Leuven, Belgium

Upper GI endoscopy, ERCP, colonoscopy : what does the endoscopist wants/expects from the anesthesiologistJ. Devière, Brussels, Belgium

Anesthesia for GI endoscopyM. Weiss, Philadelphia, USA

15:30-17:30GastrointestinaI II: Splanchnic Circulation & Liver Cirrhosis

Splanchnic circulation & Liver hemodynamicsF. Bendtsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pharmakinetics and pharmadynamics in liver cirrhosisZ. Milan, London, UK

TIPS procedureA. Lemmers, Brussels, Belgium

Anesthesia and post-interventional care for TIPSA. DeGasperi, Milan, Italy

17:45-18:30NORA Controversies for GI endoscopy: deep sedation versus general anesthesia, to intubate or not to intubate, …

DebateJ. Devière, A. DeGasperi, J.M. Dumonceau, J. Hinkelbein, M. Weiss

Thursday 21 February 2019
08:00-10:00"B2B": Respiration & Ventilation

Physics of GasTransportS.Verbanck, Brussels, Belgium

Disturbances of pulmonary gasexchangeR. Naeije, Brussels, Belgium

Physics and practical issues of HF Jet ventilationJ. Mandel, Philadelphia, USA



Interventional pulmonology: state of the art and future trendsD. Leduc, Brussels, Belgium

Anesthesia for interventional pulmonologyM. Weiss, Philadelphia, USA

Clinical casesB. Bondue, Brussels, Belgium

13:00-15:00Cardio I

Cardiac electrophysiology and the genesis of cardiac arrhythmiasN. Herring, Oxford, UK

Ablation techniquesR. Casado Arroyo, Brussels, Belgium

Anesthesia for Electrophysiology LabJ. Mandel, Philadelphia, USA

15:30-17:00Cardio II

Technology behind EP mappingO. Dössel, Karlsruhe, Germany

State of the art of transcatheter treatment for valvular disease and heart failureN. Vanmieghem, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Anesthesia for cardiac transcatheter treatmentsI. Matot, Tel Aviv, Israel


Cerebral Blood Flow : autoregulation & dysautoregulationP. Andrews, Edinburgh, UK

Pathology of cerebral vesselsB. Lubicz, Brussels, Belgium

General anesthesia or sedation for treatment of ischemic strokeM. Rasmussen, Aarhus, Denmark

Friday 22 February 2019
08:30-12:30Visit to the ‘Hors Quartier’ at the Erasme University Hospital of the U.L.B

“Hors Quartier” is a platform were all NORA activities related to GI endoscopy, interventional radiology, pulmonology, urology, etc. are concentrated.

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