EurBee 2018
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Tuesday, February 19 (pm)

Session I:Welcome
Session II:Staffing & Current State of Affairs
Session III:Guidelines & Complications
Session IV:NORA: The Future of Anesthesia?

Wednesday, February 20

Session V: Monitoring & IT
Session VI:Urology
Session VII:Gastrointestinal I: Endoscopy
  • Gastrointestinal physiology (motility)
  • Common and advanced endoscopic procedures
  • Anesthesia for endoscopy
Session VIII:Gastrointestinal II: Liver Diseases
  • Liver hemodynamics
  • PK/PD in Liver disease
  • TIPS
  • Anesthesia & post-interventional care
Session IX:Airway management for Endoscopy: To Intubate OR NOT To Intubate

Thursday, February 21

Session X:Respiration & Ventilation
Session XI:Interventional Pulmonology
Session XII:Cardio I: Electrophysiology
Session XIII:Cardio II: Transcatheter interventions
Session XIV:Interventional Neuroradiology
Session XV:Challenging Cases & Oral Communications

Friday, February 22 (am)

Visit to the ‘Hors Quartier’ at the Erasme University Hospital of the U.L.B.

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